Burning Dog 2010

1 10 2010

So finally we’re moving into fall and with it the last NAFA tournament of the year. Its been very difficult for me to get vacation time due to staffing at work, but even though I wasn’t able to get saturday off i decided to take Jet to run the one day in Reno, Nevada.

I should recap a bit, because I’ve been doing alot of skill work with Jet on his box and striding. He’s been doing alot of wall work at home, but i’ve also added a gutter right on the edge of the right side of the box, which will cause him to over rotate off the box, instead of coming off too wide. I’ve also added 2” to the prop in front of the box, which makes him hit higher as well. Its been working very very well and is makeing a difference in how smooth his box is. I was having issues with him not getting his right hind leg high enough.

Jet earned his Onyx in August and i couldnt be more proud of him. He now has over 20,000 points and goin strong. Riley has been on a flyball break for a few weeks because there are so many things i am doing right now and Riley takes alot of cheerleading in Flyball so a small break is good. Gives me more time to work on Jet’s box.

Saturday night my room mate and I drove up to Reno after work. It was such a relaxing drive, clear skys and leaving home behind for a nice  change of normalcy. It was my room mate’s first time leaving California so have to say i felt her excitement, in addition to the tournament nerves of course! When we got there i relised that i had booked a hotel that was connected to a casino, and ooooh boy it was crazy! Then i learned that there was a 100.00 deposit, that no one had told me about, and that there was a 20.00 per pet fee. That being, i canceled my reservation and went down the street to the Holiday Inn. Man o’ man it was fancy. Well, in terms of what i am used to (Motel 6). There was a wedding going on and there were well dressed attendees in the lobby, and also a bunch of biker folks that were there for the big biker event. And here enter Me and my room mate with a too- excited border collie and a crate in tow. It made a very interesting picture to say the least! The room was cozy and large, complete with firm and soft style pillows! Take your pick!

In the morning there was hot water and the roomie and I had a breakfast of oatmeal in a cup with blueberries. It still felt super fancy since im not used to breakfast!

The day started out great. The site was located inside a local dog park, and needless to say the locals werent happy about that. We only had enough people to run two 6 dog teams, but it was an enjoyable set up, as we are used to having to run 5 teams or so!

Jet has four races that day, 2 of which he got to start and 2 in a passing position. We were able to have one warm up with a prop and i was a little concerned that i wouldnt be able to work his box enough, but as soon as race one began i relised that Jet was going to be more than fine. His box looked great, even from way in the runback, he was setting himself up just right and doing a great 4 footed a fast turn. He was tight coming off the box too, instead of going wide.

But the best part of the day was his second race, where he ran amazingly. First heat he did a 4.2 and then the next two heats he ran both 4.1’s! He’s only ever ran a 4.1 in start oncein NAFA on grass, and never twice in a row. I was so proud of him i was probably the loudest in the lanes. He pretty much got the most enthusiastic tugging session i could give. Jet hasnt ran a 4.1 since his very horrible illness in winter 2008.  Even though he was feeling better begining of this year, his bout with surgery in February crushed us flat again. Im so happy things are turning around and he’s posting fast times!

His last couple races saw him maintaining his great box turn, all 4 footed turn and smooth catch. He only once went a little wide, but it only happened once. Just goes to show we need to keep working our props! Last race Jet was running 4.2’s and 4.3’s and enjoying every mnute of it. It was 90 degrees and he was running fast and happy and literally made my entire weekend. It was worth the one day tournament and the drive up the night before and the happy but tired drive home that night.

We are getting ready for the last tournament of the year, which is finally a ULFI tournament in Madera. Hopefully it will be as fun as this tournament!




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