Barktoberfest Demo

8 10 2010

Last week Jet Riley and myself joined Sacramento Flyball club to run in their Flyball demo. It was for Barktoberfest in Roseville, Ca an event for the public to see some doggy activities and check out some vendors. I mainly wanted to give Jet some Flyball fun outside of the regular team dogs he runs with and another chance to solidify our Box turn with the new prop set up. Riley went too because she is running in Madera and needed the practice.

We only had enough dogs to run a team race and some singles and pairs and Jet had a great time running with the other team’s border collies. The lanes were placed very close together (He loves that) and i had the Team box and our props. He ran super fast and the prop worked great just as the last time. The only time he had a hiccup was when he hit the gutter designed to make him over rotate coming off the box-the reason its there! 🙂  The run back was super short for us and he kept hitting the tug and crashing into the netting in the back. The crowd seemed to like this and enjoyed watching the racing too. Im super happy with how Jet is working and the sucess we are having!!

Riley dropped the ball a few times but we havent practiced in a long time and there is still time to work on this before the tournament in Madera. Ive already booked the hotel room (Learned from experience!!) and its the same price (if not a bit lower) for two nights versus the one night in Reno! And the room is right across the road from the Fairgrounds. Super excited!

We’ve sorta been getting into a groove with our weekly excersise. Its been hard because I’ve been working so much and then have to work the dogs when I get home, so usually this means early mornings and late nights. Sometimes i’m eating dinner almost in the morning! Anyways, its usually Monday off, Tuesday is Strength work with Wall work in the yard  and then bike work and frisbee at the park. Wednesday is Treadmill both morning and night, with Thursday being light; a long walk (or run) in the vineyards and swimming. Friday is more strength work either biking and frisbee or one of those. Saturday is played by ear but usually just clicker trick games to work his mind and Sunday is Flyball. So far its working and i wish i could do more but right now its doing its “job” while im stuck at mine!!




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