Well, i guess I can tell you a bit about me. Although, I will never blog about it.

 I suppose the best place to start is with a name…My name is Mollie Miller, and I live in the pleasant town of Livermore, nestled in a valley in northern california. Livermore is known for its wine and many vineards. It is also home to the Lawrence Livermore Science Lab, which works on nuclear stuff i guess. Much nicer place than Oakland, Ca, where I was born.

Since I have been able to walk I have always loved animals, mostly dogs, and developed special bonds with them. Whatever the bond, i always dreamed of competing with my canine pal one day, and I set my heart, and my mind, to the task. The journey took me to a different way of life, mademe understand myself in a whole new light (sometimes not so bright), and make new friends and discover new experiences. Without the goals I had set for myself, I wouldnt be in the place i am today. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it could be better.

I graduated from Granada High School in 2006, and took some college classes at Las Positas community college. I was studying to be a Vet, and transfer to the prestegious Davis college later. Then i had to quit, to work. Gotta eat. I am a manager at Cafe Art, a paint-your-own ceramic studio. I will move from that to Comcast, where i will be a sales representative.

I have devoted myself to my dogs and the sport that we love, and it is a passion i do not see disapearing any time soon. I have already been doing this for six years. And while it may sound strange to care so much about any one thing, even a dog, I would rather be devoted to this than, say, drugs.


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