Jet Set Go!

78908_1150389302.jpg The real Jet Set Go is actually Jet the dog, not my posted name here. Jet has namy names depending on his attitude and how I feel about him, but his registered name is Jet Set Go, Jet for short. Since this blog wouldn’t be around without him, i feel he deserves his own page.

Jet is a male black and white Border Collie from Livermore, Ca. He is a rough coated BC who has yellow eyes and a tail that is just a tad too long. Apart from looking like a true Border, Jet also has the mind of a true Border Collie, and everything that implies. Because Border Collies are bred to work, they have a hard wired instinct to be busy and have a job, hense Jet’s Flyball career. But, apart from Flyball, Jet has invented ‘jobs’ and obsessions typical of a need to be busy breed.

In addition to Flyball, Jet has done Agility, and his favorite: Sheep Herding. Being a Border Collie, he loves herding sheep. He has a keen eye, which means his stare on the sheep is very strong, and he uses it to control them to where he wants to go. He so cares about his work that at one time he stabbed his paw with a long rusty nail, pulled it out, and took off after the sheep with not a limp in sight.

Jet’s Hobbies

Jet’s self-invented hobbies include rock-diving. In a lake, stream, or pool, he will dive underwater up to 8 feet and snatch a rock (usually bigger than his whole head), and bring it to the surface. In a random state of mind, I actually timed him doing this for 2 hours, before I decided I had enough and made him stop. It is dangerous, because if he drops a rock on the way to the surface, Jet will turn around underwater to get it. This has resulted in his near fainting, due to lack of oxygen in his brain. But try to tell him not to drown himself. He will turn a deaf ear.

Jet also enjoys staring at laser pointers. The pounces on “The Beam” light and digs at it like he’s on his way to China, and if you stop shining it, he will continue to stare at the floor and bark. He will also do this for hours, and will bloody up his nose and lip smashing his face into the floor at it. But then you have to make him stop, because he doesnt care about his face.

Car-herding is another one of Jet’s self appointed jobs. While we are driving along, Jet is always in a crate in the back of my Jeep Cherokee, and for good reason. As soon as he sees a car coming at us from the other direction, Jet stares like hypnotised. Then, when it nears us, he will spin around in circles and bark as it passes us. He can also keep this us for hours on the way to a Flyball Tournament. Loud music helps.

If it’s one thing Jet HATES, its the hand vaccume. I can’t figure out this obsession, but whenever it turns on he charges at it, yelping madly and attacking it tooth and nail. He hits it so hard his gums bleed, and he will bite you if you get in the way. The same goes for a small clay whistle i made. Go figure.

scuffle.jpgJet has recently turned 3 years of age. He lives with Riley, my Flyball drop-out mixed breed turned couch potato and love bug, and Karma the cat, whom he is usually stalking, barking at, or trying to hunt down. He also lives with Nick, my room mate and good friend, whom he anoys with his barking. Jet is a happy, even silly guy who LOVES people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Heck, he likes them more when they dont like him. He loves Riley, who he grew up with, and tolerates all other dogs, but has no real use for doggy play mates. At the dog park he will fish rocks out of the water bucket for hours and snap at whatever doggy nose that trys to bother his serious job. At Flyball, i never have to worry about him passing other dogs, even if they are super early, Jet ignores them

jetstart2.jpgAlthough Jet loves people, and at least sees me as the food giver, tug tugger, bike runner and ball thrower, Jet is not a cuddle dog. He can’t stand to be sniggled, even for a minute. Its not that he’s aggressive, its that he doesn’t have time for it, and wants to be on the move. If you want a snuggler, call Riley.

So he’s not perfect…but we love him anyways.   


2 responses

29 12 2007

What a very interesting and appealing story! Sounds like you all stay extremely busy! We have a majority mixed Border w/ some Doberman in him. He exhibits many traits typical of collies…friendly, loves to run, chase, ride anywhere, loves other animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.), he is my snugglebug though!! I would be interested to see what it would take to get him introduced to something like this and if there are even facilities close to where we live to train, practice, etc. Any suggestions or ideas? THANKS so very MUCH!!!!!!!
Jill and Brian Kretzer
4377 Timberwilde Dr.
Kettering, OH 45440

29 12 2007

Hello, Jill!

First let me say that I am very honored and greatful that you posted a responce to us at Planet Flydog. I originally created this blog to create a journal for my training with Jet and the tournaments we compete in. I am glad someone has benefited from reading it, and in turn is interested in Flyball with their dog!

Your dog sounds lovely, and there may be a future for him in Flyball. In begining Flyball training, its always a good start if your dog enjoys playing fetch with a tennis ball, and playing tug with you. A nice, solid recall around distractions, (other dogs), is a plus, and a basic skill for sucess. When Jet was a puppy at 7 weeks, i taught him to exchange a tennis ball (which i rolled away from him), for a tug, (that i held). he would run after the ball, turn and run back to me and play tug. This is one basic Flyball action without the equipment, and a valuable training aid. It teaches the dog to focus on you in all areas, and stay driven on the toy. Its great that your pup is used to many different animals. Flyball dogs need to be friendly social animals, as they will be held by strangers at tournaments, and meet all kinds of new dogs, and have to ignore them while they work. You definatly have a plus, there! How old is he, may i ask?

Where did you say you are located? There are many websites that can assist you in finding a local club in your area that offers classes. Flyball is taught through positive reinforcement only, so they will probably want you to bring a clicker, treats,and toys, as prong, pinch, and choke collars are not allowed at Flyball competitions and are not used for training. Flyball is all about fun! And you will learn lots about the sport and your dog.

I hope this helps you. Please reply soon, i can look up a club in your area for you.

Thanks for commenting!
Mollie and Jet

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