9 08 2010

Its been a loooooong time since my last post.

Since January, theres been almost 1 tournament a month. There is one tournament that happened in February that I had to pull Jet for emergency surgery. Since then, he is pysically healed, but we are working on getting back up to speed in other areas. Conditioning needs work, and I am working off and on during the week to keep his box turn consistant. Riley is doing well. She just turned 9, and Jet turned 6. Riley is happy and consistant on her box and has developed a nice level of confidence.

New classes have started where the club is teaching new students and I am the head trainer. Its always fun to teach new people the sport and meet new dogs. 2 team mates have sadly left the club to persue other activities. The team also got a ‘team height dog’ which primary stays with one team mate in her home and the rest of the team pays montly dues to pay for vet care and such for the pup. She’s a very cute and feisty female JRT. She’s going to be great!

We also may be expecting less UFLI tournaments in the future that are local or somewhat in our area. The Mare Island site, with its wonderful indoor soccer field, has raised its prices for renting tournaments. Already 2 teams canceled their scheduled tournaments this year because they would have lost money on their event had they payed the new rate. Now, the Mare Island site was used several times a year and usually UFLI events were hosted there with the occasional NAFA touarnament. So if we lose Mare Island as a site, then Jet and I have to find far off UFLI tournaments or just settle for the Madera tournament and maybe 1 or 2 others a year in a yet to find location. We will see.

Pawdemonium May 2010

On a happy note, Jet is only 189 points from his next title…dun dun dun his ONYX! Hence the name of this post. Its a huge milestone…ive waited 7 years and 2 dogs to even get close to an ONYX, and here it is, almost in our lap.

There are only about 4 more tournaments left this year. One is Bay Racer’s NAFA tourament in August, Bay Racer’s NAFA tournament in Reno, Leap of Faith’s UFLI tournament in October, and then the biggie…a UFLI tournament hosted by Touch N Go in Hurricane, Utah. I haven’t been to a tournament this far away since 2007 when I went to Yuma, Az. Its considerably farther to say the least. One of my team mates is going and she and I will carpool and run some pickup teams probably in the event. Im super excited because i LOVE meeting new teams, learning new techniques, seeing new dogs and taking vacations. Plus, i’ll get to meet the breeder of the new puppy i will get next year. Awesome!

..more later. Until then, happy racing!




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