April Championship Qualifier and Tournament

2 05 2011

First week of April was the UFLI championship Qualifier in Fresno. Even though our club wasn’t running in the qualifier divisions, it proves to be a fun weekend watching some of these less seen teams come to race in our Region. My team finds it a little harder to attend the championship tournament because of the distance of travel and the time to get off work, but nevertheless it is something I would love to be apart of in the years to come.

Riley wasn’t running in this tournament, mainly because I was only able to go on Sunday and also because she hadn’t been feeling well lately. I thought it best to give her a break before the May tournaments. Jet was running on our Unleashed team in the pack. And I got to run several dogs this weekend because we were so short handed. I love running as many dogs as I can, so this was great!

Jet hadn’t been doing alot of practices prior to this tournament mainly because he’s had alot of tournaments instead! But I’ve been maintaining his box at home to keep us in shape. He looked great in the lanes, running several 4.3’s in a passing spot with about 2-3 foot passes. Near the end of the day she started hitting lower on the box than I would have liked but that’s just more reason to continue our box regime. He also earned his Top Flight First Class level 2 pin, and it looks like we are headed to his next UFLI plaque at 35,000 points, so we have about 4,000 or more points to go. It will be a fun year!

Next tournament is a NAFA event, first week of May, followed two weeks by a revisit to Gridley!




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