Fools for Flyball

9 04 2011

Last weekend saw us traveling back to Gridley for Strike Force Flyball Team’s NAFA tournament. Man, what a crazy week it had been! All week was a constant battle of wits against my car, which was having this huge intermittent problem of stalling and not starting. It was a wonder that I got to Gridley at all, and even though I would have found a wag there eventually it was hard not knowing if my car would start from one minute to the next.

After a full Friday off from work and getting to take time to pack and get the car serviced we headed down to another weekend of Flyball fun! I decided to stay at the same motel as last time it was a great room with a quiet location and since I hadn’t had alot of sleep that week I was ready for a good night rest!

Jet was running on Loose Dogs and Riley was getting alot of races on Unleashed. I was a little worried about Riley because she had thrown up on Friday in the motel room and looked a bit Ill. She was starting to have het spring allergies again, shedding like crazy ad getting patchy fur from scratching. I’ve been giving her benedryl so hopefully that helps.

On Saturday I warmed up Jet ad wrapped his feet and we were ready to go. He was supposed to run second but our start dog on that team has started to develop this strange behavior of spinning in a circle when she’s released in start. So the plan was that if she spun we would move Jet to start. On the first race we were in the right lane and running over 10″ jumps. I set Jet up at 52 feet to pass. On the first heat though, our start dog spun and unfortunately I wasn’t far back enough with Jet and so I was early. First race jitters! Jet was so excited, lunging and barking to run. And so we moved him into start as planned. First race was over 10″ jumps and we hadn’t done any work over those for awhile, but Jet flew down the lane and just ricochet off the box an ran a 4.2. The rest of the races he ran 4.3’s and had perfect striding! So happy he was running great.

Riley was trying her best but looked very uncomfortable in the lanes and was bobbling the ball at the box almost every heat. She was still working for me but seemed tired.

Jet got to start the rest of the day on Saturday and ran 4.3’s pretty consistently. His box turn was pretty tight although he was hitting a little lower than usual and so I kept warming him up on the wall to reinforce his turn.

I also was running my team mates two other dogs to keep me on my toes and the teams were doing pretty well. On Saturday all three of our teams got 1st place ribbons, even Riley’s team.

On Sunday I asked to move Jet back to running second and he seemed a little tired on the second day but still ran 4.3 in a pass and 4.5’s into the last race of the day. I ended up pulling Riley from her last couple races as she wasn’t looking very happy and still seemed sick and subdued, so I let her rest the rest of the weekend.

All in all it was a fun weekend and I’m looking forward to next weekends tournament in Fresno for the championship qualifier!




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