Gridley again

20 01 2011

So here we begin 2011! so many exciting things to come and happening at the same time!

It’s been a long time since our last Gridley adventure. It was hard not to think of the past when considering attending this tournament. It was afterall, little less then a year ago that I had to pull jet from racing and take him for emergency surgery to remove a toy from his abdomen. I couldn’t help feeling somewhat apprehensive, like the name Gridley was jinxed. It had been such a scary time. But I knew I was just being paranoid. It was on to the first tournament of the season, I had to approach it right!

It didn’t help my nerves that Jet was recovering from a recent bout of “something-or-another” which involved muscle injury and a suspicion of hypothyroidism all at the same time. We had been on limited excersise, which involved treadmill and swimming but no running or fast movements or jumping or basically anything “jet related”. In addition, it had been raining buckets through out the weeks and no one had had flyball practice as well as us. Jet hadn’t seen a box or tug or ball or wall or jump in over a month. We were pretty rusty in the flyball department. So I wasn’t expecting alot from either dog at Gridley. But that was ok, as long as we felt good and had fun it would be worth it. Jet had a chiropractic session set up a week prior to Gridley. After 3.5 weeks restricted excersice he was cleared to resume regular work. With one week until race time, only that Sunday at gridley, I started working him but gradually with no specific goal other than building ourselves back up.

We drove up Saturday night and stayed at motel 6. In the morning Jet and I found a space with grass outside the racing building to stretch him out. He was full of it, normal Jetness, and feeling very good and chasing the frisbee to warm up his muscles. Riley and I got to fetch the ball, trying to remind a certain someone that the ball doesn’t travel to me on it’s own and needs someones help! She was looking good.

Jet was running second in the pack for his first races. He was set up to run 5 races of 5/5 heats, but I told myself I would play it by ear and if he didn’t look right I would pull him. But I shouldn’t have worried, he was full of spit and vinegar and raring to race. Those first races in second he charged down the lanes, whiplashed off the box, and remembered all the striding work I’ve been doing with him. His boxturn looked amazing, he looked so he was barely hitting it before he was off again, flying back.

Riley was bringing her ball back every time. She did fumble a few times, and one time she looked at me from by the box as if asking me if she should go get the ball if it was “over there”. I told her bring it, yes bring it, and she grabbed it and headed back. The ball was far out of the jumps and so she missed the last one, but she did chose instead to do her least favored task, fetching the ball rather then leaving it. I gave her a huge reward for being a great smart miss Riley dog and she considered it a win.

Jets second to last race rocked! He got to race in start position and he was all spit and vinegar barking at the opposing team and pulling so hard I could hardly line him up to face the lane. I got some pretty good starts in and Jet ran several 4.2’s and 4.3’s and was just flying off the box! We actually broke out once. We lost the heat but Jet had a great time!

Starfleet Flyball club did an excellent job hosting and not only that provided hot lunch both days! We are excited for the next tournament in Gridley, which is good since it looks like there will be alot hosted there this year.




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