Bringing in the New

7 01 2010

Ok, so I am aware that its been SUPER long since my last update, and I better start posting all these updates before the details leave my memory for good.

Some things that have happened in the last few months:

  • Mad Dog’s NAFA tournament in September (Mare Island)
  • Moving
  • Leap of Faith’s UFLI tournament in November (Madera)
  • Puppy Plans
  • MRR’s NAFA tournament in January (Mare Island)

Yes, there are a couple points in there not of the “norm”.  It was alot of thought and planning, but i finally purchased my own home and moved out of Livermore. Its been an experience, as moving usually is, but this time its completely different because I own it, and therefore make the rules. No more “Why is that dog in the house?” (because I say so, thats why), No more family spying around the house checking to make sure everything is as THEY want it. I am free, and so are my dogs in the sence that they can live lke i’ve always intended them to.  The house is bigger than the last, the yard is a football field in comparisen, with trees and grass and a porch out of the rain. The house is carpeted, so its much warmer and comfyier and homey. Nice big kitchen with full fridge, and a garage to store all that extra dog stuff!

To be honest, the details of the Mad Dogs and LOF tournaments are a little hazy, but Jet ran his usual awesomeness, running some 4.2’s and 4.3’s in passing as he didnt have a starting oportunity either tournament. He did however, earn his Top Flight Expert plaque, at 20,000 UFLI points at Madera. We were presented our award at the end of Saturday racing and i was just so proud! We’ve overcome alot in the last year, with Jet’s near brush with fatality, and just to still share my life with him is a gift.

Riley is currently in Hiatus for Flyball. after the move i needed time to adjust and feel comfortable. After all, i am living in a new town, i dont know where anything is, all our usual spots to go biking and fetch are gone and its like starting over again. She had been looking ‘out of it’ for a few tournaments and i thought she’d like a break, especially if she was stressed and feeling my stress to boot.  We will resume when she says its a go.

I always promised myself that when i was ready and owned a home of my own I would get myself a puppy and raise it 100% my way. No little puppy living outside…and this time i’ve learned so much from Jet and can’t wait to get started and see where my experience can take us. So, i contacted a breeder in Texas (On Target Bcs), who has border collies and borderXstaffies. Her dogs have contributed to many flyball teams, such as Touch N Go and Hyperflight. I love the structure i see in her dogs and the temperments and drives they produce. For my next dog, i am looking for a hardy and bold pup, high drive and confident, and is ready to go go go, but maintains an ‘off’ switch when work is done. I am sure i can find this at On Target. However, i am going to be super picky, and really want my next dog to be what i am looking for.

MRR hosted its NAFA tournament this January. I was incharge of some hospitality and line judge training as usual. The tournament went off great. We entered 3 teams and were able to run everything smoothly while also competeing. Some 30 teams attended and we got out late on Saturday, but everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Jet was a freak throughout the week because i was giving him his pre-tournament workouts, not conditioning, just enough excersise to keep him loose and as an outlet. He was to run in second position this tournament, on a team with some of the teams slower dogs. Thus, this placed us in a slower division. As long as Jet has fun i dont care very much about what team he’s on, so looked at this as oportunity to help our slower dogs make time. The problem i kept having, was just like at Reno, not being early with my pass. I was passing two different dogs which were slower than Jet and they were also slowing down each heat. The very closest I was with Jet on the runback was 50 feet. Typically I had him all the way back at 60+ feet just not to be early and was getting 0-1 foot passes.  I was only early twice all tournament, which made me feel pretty good! Jet had some really nice box and all four feet consistantly. He ran lots of 4.3’s and some 4.2’s with a pass.  he got to start once, where he ran 4.2’s and my starts weren’t  bad if i do say so myself. He ran with not one paw out of place all weekend, no bobbles in sight, and the only hiccup were my two early passes and one false start,  hardly his fault. As usual, you can coin the phrase, “Handler Error!”




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