Bedlam in Bishop

21 07 2009

This year has been consistantly hard, both for me and the dogs. Life is handing us everything it can, almost like a test of patience and strength. One obstacle after another, taking one step at a time.

Still, I’m finding time to enjoy myself at Flyball.  Once during the season i attempt a long trip to some outside tournament. This year, a Southern California team was hosting a UFLI tournament in Bishop, Ca. From where i live, its about a 6 hour drive. A select few of my team mates, (5 of us), made the journey to run two teams and experience a venue that we dont normaly get to participate in. Its always fun to race against new teams and see other handling techniques and club styles. Usually, you learn something interesting.

Remember about that whole life-and-obstacles thing i talked about earlier? Well, a week from the Bishop tournament, Jet sprains something in his back or hip. Not sure exactly what is was, but whatever happened the dog could not completely stretch his abdomen and lower back, as a dog will when they are flat out running. He was also having to try harder to jump up on the bed or couch. His belly and some parts of his back were hot to the touch. And so, with a week to go before Bishop, i grit my teeth and rested the dog for the duration. On top of this, Riley, who wasn’t running at Bishop anyways, developed a urinary tract infection, and was pretty unhappy.

Knowing that i had to go to Bishop, regardless if my dog could run or not, i took the week, i hope, with calm and patience. What happened would happen.

I got several days off from work for the drive. I headed out on Friday, the day before. The traffic was intense but the drive through the sierra’s and tahoe was beautiful. I had rested Jet for a little more than a week with no exsersize except for walks, and i was somewhat nervous for that first race. The tournament was being held at the Bishop fairgrounds, indoors on mats, with a HOLY amount of air conditioning. Seeing as it was 97 degrees + both days, this was an amazing but necessary feature. It was super nice to be at another UFLI tournament indoors and on mats.

On Jet’s first race, I walked him prior to make sure he was limber and did a recall with him during the warm up like i usually do. He seemed fine. It also helped that our height dog set the jumps super low, so he didnt have to do much work jumping, just running flat out. The only thing i was worried about was the Box.

I could tell that he wasn’t completely better, but the rest during the week had helped alot, and Jet didn’t have any issues on the box. Infact, his box looked great, witha quick, four-footed turn. He only bobbled once all weekend. He ran a couple 4.2’s, which was more than i hoped for (i thought i would take my dog out, see he was in pain, and pull him for the rest of the tournament), several 4.3’s and 4.4’s through out the weekend.  Near the end he was feeling stiff, but i was so proud of him.

Not only did Jet run all weekend, but the team he was on broke out of its division twice, (although were were seeded at 19.3, which i thought was too slow for that team, and knew we would be faster), running at 17.8 and again at 17.9. Thats a huge time difference, but i wasn’t suprised.  Also, Jet earned plenty of points, with a new total of 19,545 we will be getting our first plaque at our next UFLI tournament!

…Thats it for now!




One response

23 07 2009

Jet seems to having a rough year, between his back/hip and infection (guessing the localized heat was a pathogen response?) and what happened last December, he’s sure distinguishing himself as a survivalist.

I hear you about the AC. The AC in my house just doesn’t cut it when the temperature is 100+ degrees out for most of the day. Boy, am I glad that my summer school class consist mostly of lab time inside a very well air-conditioned building!

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