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21 04 2009

Several months ago,  Jet and Riley both ran in our club’s second UFLI hosted tournament in the Mare Island sports center.  It was the first tournament since our bout with illness, and I was a bit anxious and excited to be back in the competitive lanes with Jet. I had my doubts, because the dog had only 2.5 weeks or excersise to rebuild his physical and mental stamina, against more than a month of no excersise and sickness. 

Jet raced in Start on Loose Dogs both days of the tournament. He ran mostly 4.3-4.4 seconds, with a 4.2 when i had a good start time. Most of my start delays were horrible, being around .111 adding to his time.  It seemed like we both had a groove to get back into. Jet worked very hard, earning lots of points for a grand total of 16,175 points in UFLI.  This makes him the #41 Border Collie out of 1159, and the #112 top dog, out of 3,939 registered. 

For a dog on his death bed not 3 weeks prior to this tournament, Jet did absolutely amazing. He worked hard and did his best, even though his box skills were a little rusty…he had several bobbling issues adding to his time, but I couldn’t have asked for any better from him. I am as proud of him as i ever was.

Since I last posted, several events have taken place. Jet required another surgery after slicing open his toe. It took some stitches and another 2 weeks with limited excersize and a cast to heal up. We ended up missing a tournament, something that has never happened in my 6 years in Flyball.  From there, a conditioning regime was set up to re-condition Jet after so many weeks out of action.

With all this behind us, we re-entered Competition status in March, when we attended the Mutts in Motion UFLI tournament in Fresno, Ca. Jet ran start on Loose Dogs, posting several 4.2’s and some 4.3’s, running mostly 4.4’s with late start delays from .111 to .222 adding to his time.  Most of our teams consisted of 5 dog teams, so each dog sat a race.  Regardless, Jet brought his total UFLI points to 17,095. He is around 3,000 points to our first Plaque award! With all the UFLI tournaments this year, we should be able to get it sometime this season!

Riley did well running in a new enviornment. This is the first time we took Riley out of her comfort zone and raced her in a tournament venue that was a bit more stressful. This tournament was harder on me personaly, as my Grandfather had passed away just one day before the tournament. I did not have the right attitude that would positively influence my dogs, so Riley was feeling more stressed than usual. At one time during the day she shut down during a re-run and i pulled her from the heat, however, she made a quick recovery in the next race after a short break. Riley’s fastest time of the weekend was a 5.2, she raced several of these and also some 5.3’s. When she is happy it definatly shows in her times. She is starting to be more consistant and she seems eager and happy to play the game more and more often.

The next tournament is Mare Island in May…in the meantime, we will be focusing on regaining our level of fitness. With the heat becoming a factor soon, I will soon be planning to condition in the heat as well.





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7 05 2009

I’m glad to hear that Jet recovered so well for you. And it looks like you got Riley as new rising star now! How have you been though? You should respond to one of my emails some time or even consider 😉

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