Racing in the Rain

16 01 2009

These last few weeks have all been about recovery. Jet is incorporating back into a conditioning regime, as well as going back to Flyball and Agility respectfully. He’s finished with his meds, and I even started him back on Deramaxx with no problems.  I am happily amazed at the rate in which he so quickly fell back into a conditioning routine. Aside from loseing some muscle mass, Jet had no problems returning to the treadmill for his regular 30 min to 1 hour sessions.  His paw was holding up fine with Frisbee games and playing tug in the house. We even went on a bike ride in the rain-all uphill, and i have to say I weighed him down with MY lack of fitness! Looks like the 16 days without working him took more of a toll on me.

Aside from being a bit on the skinny side, Jet’s level of physical fitness prior to his sickness was so good that I can’t help but wonder that it helped him get through his ordeal. He was strong and conditioned, healthy and happy, I have no doubt that all our work together helped him to recover faster.

Last weekend Jet and Riley both went to Flyball practice, and for Jet, it had been more than a month since he’d seen a Flyball lane.  At that point it was just a few weeks until MRR’s New Year’s Bash tournament in Mare Island, and i wanted him to at least run the course before i entered him in a tournament. Practice started early, the whole team was going to a team mates house to prepare for the tournament afterwards-basket making for the raffle, and making guidelines for the other tournament related tasks. And, just a mile out of Marin, it started to rain. It rained all through practice. The dogs didn’t care…they loved the chill weather, but the humans were slipping and sliding all over the grass, and my clothes were soaked through. Jet was THRILLED to be back in action…i was worried about the rain, most of the time dogs will be slower running in the rain, for obvious reasons…but i shouldn’t have worried. The only issue we had was one bobble where during his first full run slipped on the box and missed the ball. He was really enjoying himself, getting to be start dog racing our teams other Border collie, which was released late each time so Jet was ahead the whole time. He loves his competition, but was rockin the lanes out there by himself as well.  This was the ‘hardest’ excersise he’d had in awhile, but he wasn’t hardly panting afterwards.

Many of my team mates wanted to stop when the rain soaked them through, but myself and a select few protested-we didn’t care about any stupid rain!

I was impressed with Riley’s outruns this practice. She dosn’t gather her stride like Jet does when first released-Jet takes one step and gets into this stride immediatly, but Riley takes a few lopes before getting into it. This practice she was gone from me right away and had a smooth stride to the box. She did bobble more than i would have liked, but this could have been sensitivity on the box and the rain.

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One response

21 01 2009

It’s good to hear that Jet is fully recovering, and didn’t regress at all in terms of enthusiasm or pride from his sickness. Also I’m jealous that you three got to have fun in the rain, it hardly rained in Livermore during my school break!

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