The Marin Humane Society’s Birthday Bash!

1 10 2008

      Last Saturday, September 27, 2008, the Marin Humane Society celebrated their 101st Birthday. For years they have been a renouned solution to helping abandoned/stray dogs and cats, as well as smaller animals, find loving homes in the Novato area. They offer training and behavior classes to support new owners bond with their new family members, as well as more advanced performance classes for Agility, Obedience, and Flyball.

For the second year, the shelter asked Marin Running Riot to preform a Flyball Demo for the crowd. I was able to take the day off work so that both Riley and Jet could participate. We were supposed to set up at 11:30 and then were on at 12.

A couple team members put together a schedule of events. First, each dog went out to do recalls from the box side by side with another dog, then ran 2 singles races. Someone on the PA system introduced each dog and a little bit about them. After that, a couple children were selected from the crowd to race against one dog. We had some of our veterans dogs race a kid. The children got a head start over the jumps and the box loader handed them the ball at the box. Needless to say, the kids loved it…they were feeling pretty good about themselves after the ‘race’!

Jet was limping at the start of the day, so I wanted to take it easy with him. As soon as he was in the lanes, though, you couldn’t tell that he had ever limped. He did some singles races with Jinx, the red and white border collie on our club. The crowd whooped and cheered at this-the dogs were fast and fun to watch.

At the end, we did some pairs racing-two dogs against 2 other dogs. Riley is improving on her passing confidence, she was able to pass into the little jack russel on our team, whom earlier she thought might be fun to chase!

Last but not least, we did pairs racing with our team’s fastest dogs-Jet and Loki versus Jinx and Riot. The crowd loved it-many of them said they had no idea dogs could do this kind of thing. We also got several people from the crowd interested in signing up for classes to teach their dog the sport.

All in all, the demo only took a half hour, and the racing was rapid fire-as soon as a pair of dogs finished, the others jumped in-it was fun, but hectic. Afterwards, I looked around at the other events taking place, and ate some free cake!






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