Finally UFLI!

9 09 2008

Whoo…another tournament weekend complete, and I’m definatly feeling the drain. But its a happy, content drain! It was refreshing to be able to attend another UFLI tournament after a string of NAFA ones…this was the “Gold Coast Goes Fully Loaded” tournament at Mare Island, hosted by the two teams.

Saturday was hot for Mare Island…and being indoors without much ventilation made it about 90 degrees, but at least there was no direct sunlight. All the teams had fans going on the racing lanes and at the camps, which helped a bit. Jet and I were both pretty much unfettered by the heat-I KNEW that going on 3 hour hikes in 95 degree weather would pay off! His times were pretty much unaffected by the stuffyness in the building, and by keeping him with a fresh supply of Powerchow and Pemmikan his performance was kept constant.

This was Riley’s first time running on a team, and her first team UFLI tournament. She was also able to cope with Saturday’s weather, and was happy and eager to play. This is what we’ve been working for!

Jet’s team, Loose Dogs, were running 5/5 heat races, wich means that there were 4 races in the day, and spaced FAR apart…on Sunday his first race was race 7, then the second was race 43! Needless to say, each time he went out for another race there had been such a break in between that it felt like the first race again to him.

The second race of the first day stands out in my mind the most…Jet was racing against an old friend of ours, another border collie who’s owner is a past team mate. This was going to be an awesome race, both dogs were pretty much even in speed, and both were running in start. I put Jet back at 50 feet from the start line, where he usually is when we start. The race began, and both dogs were flying down the lane-but there was too much flying…and i had an early start of .352! So…i backed Jet up 7 feet…now were were at 57 feet…but i wasnt sure it was enough..Jet was pulling and lunging so much it was hard to keep his paws at the correct placement on the line. The second start was better even though i was still early by .17 seconds. With the early start, Jet’s time was a 4.182, so if you add the .17 early to the time, Jet STILL ran a time of 4.19 seconds. Awesome! I had to back him up to somewhere around 60 feet to stop from being early again.

Riley ran beautifully both days. She was splitting races with another green dog on our team, so she ran 3 races of 4 heats both days. She earned 475 points for the weekend and ran her fastest time of 5.7 seconds with a 5 foot pass! Ok, so no where near Jet’s speed, but fast for Riley! She ran clean most of the day and was so happy just to be there! At the end of the tournament on Sunday, during awards, the host club (who are friends of our club) honored both Riley and myself for 5 years of dedication and hard work that paid off. I couldn’t help but feel so moved with all these clubs and people around me, cheering and clapping our sucess, and i hope that we have been an inspiration to others.

Jet was also great on Sunday. It was MUCH cooler the last day, Jet was hardly panting after each race. On his second race he got to be start dog again and posted 4.3 seconds on each heat except the last, where i had a late start that added to his time. (4.4) This was great, since it was his second to last race of the day, on the second day of the tournament and he can still post low 4.3 times.

On the last race of the day the team was awesome. Jet was running second and posting 4.5’s with a pass, and the team was close to breaking out. That team, for some reason, was seeded at 19 seconds, when we can run in the 18’s every tournament. The break out time (the time we cannot run at OR run faster than, was 18 seconds. If a team in that division breaks out, you forfeit, since you ended up racing faster then you said you were). The last race every dog was running 4.X seconds, and with jet racing 4.5 the team was posting 18.029! We kept backing up to make our passes wider and add more time, but we still were posting 18.3’s In the end, we didn’t breakout. WHEW!

Its cool to think that Jet’s team could easily run in the 17’s…since our 18.0 time was ran with passes as wide as 5 and 7 feet.

After adding the points from this tournament, Jet’s total UFLI points are 13,600.

Riley has earned her Top Flight Title, and 475 points!


Riley: Other Flyballers were inpressed with Riley’s Boxturn. It is swift, accurate, and always a 4 footed one! That turn and her return with the ball were gorgeous runs!

Jet: So crazy when he’s not in a start position! I had to restain him by the collar AND the chest to keep him from breaking loose from me. He always locked in to the opponant dog he thinks he’s racing and lunging and barking and staring daggers at them. He was a maniac! At one race i could actually feel his heart pounding away and he was shakeing like someone dipped him in ice water. The team was talking about how he gets the other dogs on the team so revved up because his intensity rubs off on them. But it does rub off on me too…the first race of the day I only relized he had bit me 4 times AFTER i saw the tug was peppered with blood, and it wasn’t Jet’s! : )





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