Mutiny on Mare Island!

3 06 2008

 The time has come. Last weekend was Marin Running Riot’s NAFA tournament on Mare Island, and after months of preperation, i would like to think it was a sucess.  Everyone arrived on Saturday morning at 6 am to set up the lights and make sure the rings were set up. We were on a two ring schedule, due to the fact that we had more than 30 teams, which made some teams upset since they did not like the set up we used to run the two rings. It involved each team posting their race number on the side of the ring when both them and their opponants were ready. Some teams openly opposed the system, but near the end of the day things were running more smoothly.

We had an awesome raffle both days, earning 700 something dollars on Saturday, and around 800 on Sunday. My roomie even came out Sunday to help run the raffle table. My job both days was to train all the line and box judges and supervise the other judge supervisors to make sure things were running smoothly. Eveything went great and I met some very nice people, most of which had never seen Flyball before, or had only done Agility. One Agility person i trained later came up to me and said “I thought Agility was quick, but man THIS is REALLY quick!”

I had hardly any time to really spend time with Jet, except for running him, that is. He was running 3rd on Loose Dogs, over 11 inches, and was posting 4.5’s and 4.6’s with a 6 foot pass. I was passing the cattle dog on our team for the first time, and it was hard for me to adjust, since i have bad vision, and she is dark furred and blended into the box, so my timing was off.  He also posted some of his fastest NAFA times over the 11’s, which was a 4.4…and i vaugly wondered if he would ever break his fastest NAFA time, as his fastest UFI is 4.1 sec.

Jet only started one race, and that was on sunday against a fellow competitive team. He was starting against their Malenois, and if you know Jet, he has a special fettish for racing Malenois and other Border collies. He was going so crazy that i though he was going to burst a blood vessel right there on the line.  I was holding him at 52 feet, with the Malenois staring just a little farther back. He was straining to turn around and stare at that dog, and it was all i could do to keep him lined up with the lane…and then WOOSH! the race began and he was flying…totally FLYING down that lane, and i couldn’t even see him on the box when he hit, and i only ran about 30 feet down the lane before i was running away and calling him back, and I glanced up at the score board as he hit the line and saw…4.3 seconds!! And just like that, we had beaten our fastest NAFA time. The next race he did a 4.4, and then the last race there it was again…4.3. Hell, i almost burst a blood vessel too! 4.3 over 11 inches, hot damn!

I also got to run Emma, the little jack russel on our team. That was also lots of fun, and she was on two teams so technically i ran dogs on 3 teams. Two of our new dogs ran in their first tournament in warmups and did wonderfully, and hopefully learned lots in that crazy environment. It was also a very cool weekend, with temps in the low 70 to upper 60’s, PERFECT racing weather.

Sunday went alot faster, with racing ending aroung 3:30, so all the teams could head home at a good hour. On saturday all of our teams won first place in their divisions and on sunday we hit about 3 divisions.  Needless to say, i was super tired all weekend, and Monday i could only croak like a frog, my voice was so shot. The sign of a great weekend!






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