Feeling Feverish

3 06 2008

So, its taken me awhile to get caught up with my little tournament journal stuff…two tournaments have gone by already, one of which was MRR’s very own. But we’ll start with the last UFLI tournament Jet attended, and see how well i remember it.

On April 26th and 27th, MRR attended Mad Dog’s Spring Fever UFLI event on Mare Island. On Saturday, Jet was very pleased and privilaged to run start for a couple races. He posted some great times over 9 and 10 inch jump heights (4.2 seconds), and had some beautiful, quick-silver fast and smooth box turns.  As i remember, there was even one race where he was in the left lane, racing Mad Dog in the right. They must have had a green border collie in start, because the very first heat he crossed over into Jet’s lane and tried to intercept him at the box. Jet hardly saw he was there. He blazed right down the lane, the other BC on his heels, hit the box and made his turn right around the other dog, and i swear, the interference made him faster. I could almost see his thoughts ” I’ll be damned before I let this dog even catch a wiff of that ball before me!” And, of course since it was interference, and we won by default, Jet’s time on that run was 4.2, of course.

Sunday was a great day too. My new room mate and the one who i always ask to help me work Jet away from Flyball, was there to see him run for the first time in a tournament. The first race on Sunday Jet was starting from 50 feet with the other team’s start dog starting around 30 feet. I didn’t think Jet would be very competitive, since he would not see a start dog next to him…but he flew down the lane to clock another 4.2…and the crazy thing was that the other start dog was slow…Jet saw the dog had been starting about 20 feet ahead of him, and was pissed! He worked extra hard just to (what he thought) was closing the gap before he hit the jumps. He was racing so hard that i went from starting him at 50 feet (and being early!), to 54 feet and being just right. It was great to have my roomie there to see how all her hard work in helping me pay off.

Jet’s team Loose Dogs posted a 18.123best on Saturday, and a 18.343 best on Sunday, taking first place in Division 3 both days.

Jet also gained enough points over the weekend to earn his Top Flight Premier Level 1, and now has a total 12,375 points in UFLI. 7,625 points remaining to “Expert” Plaque…







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