Pemmikan, and why I love it!

17 05 2008

Not too long ago, i discovered the amazing-ness of the Pemmikan bar. Basically, when used during a tournament weekend, the Pemmikan provides a performance dog with an even energy level.

Conditioning, such as aerobic and anerobic excersize throughout the week helps to prepare a dog for performance work, but other conditions, such as heat and enviornment, can effect how the dog works. If you’ve been doing your conditioning in the winter, and your dog isn’t being asked to run in heat, then the first time it hit 90 degree weather you are going to have to adjust your regime. At a tournament, factors such as heat and enviornment change constantly, one weekend you may be running indoors in 75 degrees, the next your dog may be running in 90 + degrees outside in direct sunlight. This can always affect the energy your dog has over the day. The pemmikan helps to stabilize the energy your dog has and keep it level throughout the day.

Before Pemmikan, I noticed Jet, as well as other team dogs, were the freshest at the start of the day, and near mid-afternoon have a loss in energy reserves. After feeding chunks of Pemmikan after each race, and 30 minutes or more before the next race, I noticed that Jet has absolutly no problem in keeping his energy levels consistant, regardless of heat, or the sudden change in jump heights from 8 inches, to 11 in mid-day.

Pemmikan works because dogs recieve energy from fats, where as human athletes get the same from carbs. So, as you can imagine, Pemmikan ingerdients contain a nice fat percentage. To compensate for this, Jet does not recieve Breakfast on tournament mornings, and a light evening meal. This, coupled with the Powerchow in his water, creates a perfect balance of hydration and energy suplmentation.

Its wonderful to have tools at hand to aid Jet’s performance, i dont know how some people get along without it. But whats clear, just like any human athlete, special diets and supplements are a requirement for a canine athlete.





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