Lowering the Bar!

25 04 2008


Two weekends ago, Marin Running Riot attended the Go Nuts with Mutts tournament in Fresno. Our fastest team, Loose Dogs, proceded to break it’s fastest personal best time the first race of the day. The recorded time was a 17.904, which bumped us into Division 3(out of 7) in U-Fli’s Standard teams.  The time was ran over an 8 inch jump height.

The dogs running on that particular heat was:

Jinx (Border collie)-Page (Austrailian Cattle Dog)-Jet (Border Collie)-Loki (Belgian Malinois)

Jet broke into the 11,000+ point range with 11,455 points. That puts him at # 53rd Border collie in Ufli out of 1,026 Border Collies, and the second highest point scoring Border in our club. He should get his next title TFP-1 at the next tournament at 12,000 points. I am excited, honored, and proud that Jet was one of the dogs contributing the new best time. The time, in fact, included a 6 foot pass from me, and another late pass from another team mate…that said, we have the potential to be a better, faster team.

 8,545 points remaining to earn U-fli Plaque “Expert” award…

Until next time…




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