13 03 2008

Its that time again…the begining of MRR’s tournament season. This year promises many adventures from meeting new Clubs, catching up with the old, and chasing the ever illusive next title. Jet is very close to his Flyball Master Excellent title, (and 10,000 points) which he should get at the next NAFA tournament. Riley, his adoptive big sister, is learning that Flyball might not all be so bad, and may try for Singles races this year…

 The first tournament this year is being hosted by Leap Of Faith, at Madera, Ca. The LOF tournaments have always been my personal, (as well as Jet’s, I like to think), favorite tournament venues. The racing is held under a pavillion, on tuff-spun matting, and lanes are spaced close together. The barking echoes there, so excitement is extra high. Dogs are crated out on the grass where it is more comfortable, and there are “real” bathrooms for the humans. To top it all off, the team has it’s new, pretty teal-blue Boxes and brand new, never-before seen uniforms, complete with logo and hoodie jackets with logos too! Its the first time out club has ever had uniforms, since we broke off from our old team in 2005. It only took us 3 years, but we will really look like an official team. Before this we all bought teal colored shirts and everyone had bought their own definition of “teal” and so we looked like a bunch of random people who ran in off the streets to play Flyball! So this is sooo exciting! Can’t wait to look like a real team! I’ll upload pics after the tournament.

This tournament promises to be more intense then usual, because all the pups on the team are either debuting their first races in singles or on teams, or doing warm-ups. It will be fun and interesting to see these dogs working Flyball “for real”, in a tourney enviornment.

 Teams are as follows. Each team has a green dog(Loki, Flick, or Izzy) listed for half/quarter time, so each dog on the team will get to sit a race.

Loose Dogs (Standard, 19)  Jinx/Jet/Riot/Bailey/Loki/L. Emma

Stray Dogs (Variety, 21.5) Jinx/Ringo/Zoe/L.Emma/Mystery-Mirage (Flick)

Unleashed (Standard, 22.0) B Emma/Prize-Mirage/Page/Floyd (Spud,Izzy)

There are so many Singles and Pairs’ racing this weekend that lots of them are going to race on Friday, something that doesn’t usually happen at tournament. Looks like two of the pups, Loki and Izzy will be racing their first’s, and I’ll miss them because i will be driving up to the site after work, somewhere after 7 pm.

Jet’s team is in Standard, Division 3 on Saturday and Division 2 on Sunday. Looking forward to Sunday! There are 4 races each day, 5/5 heats. Because each dog will sit a race, Jet will only run 3 races each day. A relaxing way to start what might be a hectic racing year. Looks like 99 total races on Sat, and 89 on Sun. Maybe we can go home on time! YEAH RIGHT!

There will be a potluck on Saturday…I need to find out what food to bring. Last time the cookies melted in the car.  : P

Be sure I will make a post-tournament entry summing up the fun filled crazy weekend as soon as possible!




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