Vertex and Powerchow

11 11 2007

And now the moment you have been waiting for…or maybe not. Gatorade for dogs. But not really. This stuff is better.

During and away from Flyball, Jet uses additional supplements to help him build muscle during workouts and to rehydrate himself. It is important to know that theses drinks are not steroids for dogs. They don’t build muscle or make Jet faster by themselves, but they do aid him to do just that with his workouts. And if you’ve even known Jet at a tournament, you’ll know why they are so great.



 Vertex’s usage from

Vertex is a daily use supplement in powder form, designed to enhance heat tolerance, endurance, muscle growth and reduce recovery time after exercise. It is extremely beneficial for working and performance dogs. It is also a highly digestable and palatable source of calories for aging or convalescing dogs, with 144 calories in a 4 teaspoon serving.

Unbeatable Nutritional Support for Working Dogs

Vertex uses premium, predigested meat proteins to ensure unequalled taste and nearly 100% digestibility and absorption. Combined with pharmaceutical grade amino acids, you can expect better performance, improved stamina and less physical discomfort after hard workouts.

Vertex uses a food grade complex carbohydrate source that dissolves instantly in water and goes into your dog’s system immediately. This is critical for a working dog who relies on bursts of explosive speed or power in their workouts.

Vertex uses powerful anti-oxidants (vitamins C, E) to help protect your dog from free radicals that injure the body and cause sickness or disease.

In addition, Vertex adds omega 3,6 fatty acids, enzymes, egg, wheat germ oil, chicken fat, electrolytes and more. There are no harmful preservatives, ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT.

Jet usually gets VERTEX instead of breakfast in the morning, to aid him with heat tollerance and muscle growth during the day’s workout.



Jet uses POWERCHOW during workouts, and on competition days. He gets about a cup dissolved in about a gallon of water, and gets it after every race. It helps to put lost electrolytes back into his body after the intense Flyball runs, as well as keep him hydrated. At a tournament, Jet wont drink regular water. He refuses. I have to add POWERCHOW to get him to drink. But its such good stuff, who cares?

POWERCHOW rehydrates Jet and enables him to keep his body in top racing form all weekend. I have seen the difference when not using it, and Jet is able to keep up his fast times longer throughout the weekend and keeps them more consistant from race to race. This is because his muscles are not worn out and tired, but kept strong with POWERCHOW.




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