Fuel the drive

11 11 2007

As all athletes know, you are what you eat, and they use this knowledge to fuel their bodies with the right stuff. The better you eat, and the better the nutrition, the better off your body will be when doing workouts. Food is the gasoline that makes your body run, and the better the stuff, the better off you will be.

Jet’s nutrition is no different.  I ask alot of him, and he asks alot of his body. I’m not getting any 4 second runs from him if he’s stuffing himself with Kibbles N Bits. (The equivilant of human McDonalds’)

With dog food, there are several different things I look for in ingredients. One is that it contains NO grain, and especially no corn. Corn is difficult for a dog’s stomach to digest, and they dont absorb any nutrition from it. Some dog food brands (Such as Iams and Science Diet), use corn, (ground corn mostly), as a first ingredient, as a filler.  Dogs are meat eaters, so the last thing i want his food made up of is an ingredient that is grain, and one that he can’t even digest. Also, i stay away from Water for Processing, Meat-by-products, and some types of ‘meat meal’, which could mean anything from hearts and liver as well as beaks and feathers.

There are several types of foods Flyballers can feed their dogs. Some are better for some people to feed than others, because of preperation.

  • Frozen BARF Diet (Bones And Raw Food)

Bought in freezeable packages and stored in the fridge, this is one of the best ways to feed your flyball dog. The meat is all organic, with no grains and includes vegetables. They come in medallians or patties. Each patty is around 8 oz of food, and Jet can eat at least 2 patties a day. A package of 12 patties is around 23 dollars, so as you can imagine, this goes FAST. Being sooo expensive, I cannot feed it. The food has its benefits, with Flyballers noticing changes in their dogs like less doggy smell, less joint irritation, less food allergies, and a more consistant wieght. Several products can be bought. Natures Variety is a great brand name of BARF diet. Unfotrunatly, this is an all raw food, so you must sterilize dishes and watch out for salmonella.

  • Raw Diet Kibble

Jet eats Ennova EVO, a raw diet dry kibble that is based off of the BARF diet. It contains no grains, and fresh whole, organic meats are the first ingredients. (Jet eats the Red Meat formula EVO, which contains Beef Heart, Liver, Venison, Buffalo as protein sources and vegetables such as carrots, apples, and sweet potatoe. The kibble is fired under a very low setting, so the ingredients aren’t lost in nutritional value. It is also sprayed with live bio organizms, the kinds living in yogurt that help the immune system.


Extra vitamins and supplements are added to Jet’s food to aid as extra boosts and also to aid him against injury.

  • Deramaxx (Anti-imflammitory to help with stress on joints. Jet gets this once a day, twice a day in a tournament weekend)
  • Cataplex
  • Boswellia (Locates enflammed areas in the body and works as Deramaxx)
  • Platinum (a grainy supplement added to Jet’s food twice a day, containing extra iron, fiber, glucosamine to keep his joints lubricated, and vitamins A, B, C, Zinc…and so on.)


Jet sometimes skips a meal and gets a couple of pounds in raw bones, which i get from the local butcher. The bones are rich in live, uncooked nutritional value, and the marrow inside as well.  All that chewing on the bones keep his teeth clean, strong, and healthy.




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