Ending The Season

10 11 2007

top-logo.gif Jet’s last tournament of the season was in Madera, Ca. Five members of our club, Marin Running Riot, made the journey and entered two teams: Loose Dogs, and Stray Dogs.

Jet was able, for the first time in a long time, to be the start dog on Stray Dogs. This was bitter sweet , since Jet usually runs on Loose Dogs, the faster team. Because we had hardly any club members attending, Jet had to be on Stray to help balance the teams…but we were happy to help out and be given the chance to start…which is Jet’s favorite position.

Jet has his own unique racing style. Before I release him to run, Jet seeks out the dog he will be running against from the other team and stares that dog down. Sometimes he wont even be looking down the lane when I let him go, but he always knows where he is going, even if it makes our team mates a little nervous. Jet will watch that dog out of the corner of his eye the whole time he’s racing to the box, then its a quick turn and he rockets back for his tug. But that other dog…oh boy does he want to beat it. The faster that dog runs, the harder Jet races it, so that he’s always neck and neck with them.If he’s ahead of them he will sometimes let them catch up, then beat them at the last minute.

 Jet entered LOF’s tournament with his Top Flight Executive Level 3 title and 8, 800 points. He was also returning to the place where he ran his fastest personal best time of 4.12 seconds. We were hoping to match that time and maybe do even better in start. We ended the weekend with a new title, Top Flight Premier, a new Title Pin, and 9, 930 points.  And even though we did not beat our fastest time, Jet did some spectacular runs and box turns. His fastest times were 4.2 and 4.3 seconds, some of them over a 10 inch jump height.

The teams did well. Loose Dogs got 1st place both days with a best team tournament time of 18.81, and Stray got 2nd place both days with a best team time for that tournament at 18.31. A wonderful way to end the season. We’ll be back in March.




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