A safer way to cycle?

10 11 2007

Being the performance dog that he is, Jet needs more excersise and training than say, the average canine. And not just fetch in the park. During the week, Jet works on endurance and sprint(speed) based training that he needs to do consistantly to keep himself fit. Endurance training would be long hikes uphill at a continuous pace for several hours, or biking on leash at a continuous fast-trot pace for more than 20 minutes. Sprint speed training is like it sounds…having him run/sprint as fast as he can go in short bursts of speed that last a few minutes. (a good example of this training is biking him off leash at a park.

Ruffwear dog boot

Jet heels next to the bike and I rev him up a bit(which he doesnt need), and then tell him to “Go! Go! Go!” and take off with him. He leaves me in the dust, of course, but takes off like a rocket. Then, when he’s far ahead of me, i turn around and scream for him like a high schooler at a football game. So he flips around and runs as fast as he can back to me.)

So why a safer way to cycle? In Jet’s case it would actually be a safer way to bike, hike, and race. So, whats the danger? I am not refering to my danger, which is present. (Jet gets so excited to race me on the bike that he grabs my pants (or skin) and pulls me off the bike, all while barking in my face.) No, i am talking about Jet’s injuries. Every time, and i mean EVERY time we go hike or bike Jet shreds the pads on his paws to nothing. Nasty, bloody chunks are missing from his feet everytime we go. Not on one foot, but all four feet. Either that, or they blister and pop. Its not like i haven’t tried to fix this…i have used rolls and rolls of Vetwrap and sports tape on him, but they end up in tatters and those fall off in a few minutes on the hiking trail. When i use them during biking, he leaves them intact, but still rips the pads underneath. Go figure.

I am looking for a boot or wrap to aid Jet in his training. The problem with him, is he WILL NOT tell you if he is in pain, or if his paws are hurting. He wont even limp. And when we hike, he is always this little black speck in the distance, so i can exactly reach out and check him.

Above is  a sample of the boot i would like to buy Jet for his workouts: (By the way, they range from 50-70 dollars!)




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